Hotel History

A Timeless Location on the Long Island Sound

A remarkable and enchanting place, Madison Beach Hotel is the most historic, continuously run lodging establishment on the shoreline.


For more than two centuries, people have slept, stayed, and enjoyed our incredible location. In the early 1800s, this spot was once a boarding house that catered to workers at Hoyt’s Shipyard – one of two shipyards in Madison. Our location was called The Flower House, after original owner Artemus Flower.


While the hotel  played a significant role in the town’s maritime history, as time passed, wooden sailing ships grew obsolete: Rail service began transporting goods and passenger trains carried city dwellers to newly formed beach communities like Madison.


Madison Beach Hotel and the Town of Madison quickly became known as “the place to summer” on the Connecticut shoreline. Now, we like to think of it as simply “the place to be.” Because, while love and celebration have no season, Madison Beach Hotel has all four. We invite you to experience and enjoy each!

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Nestled on the shores of an iconic and stylish New England beach town, Madison Beach Hotel is a timeless escape for renewal and relaxation.

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