Dano Johnson & Penny Whitaker Johnson

We met while participating in a crossfit class! We absolutely fell in love with the spot when we pulled up and walked into the lobby…it took our breath away. In all honesty, Lisa and her team were an even bigger selling point. We felt at home and cared for; the day we did the first meeting we felt right the we were already collaborating on our wedding.


The experience planning our wedding with Madison Beach Hotel was exceptional. We are very organized people and wanted a plan. With that said, we also wanted flexibility. Working with Lisa and her team was a dream. They outlined what we needed and when. Were wildly responsive to any and all inquiries. They helped advise and offered their expert and productive input.


From the initial meeting, contracting, tasting (which was exceptional), walk through, the prep spaces, the day of, the day after brunch…everything was just awesome. We want to do it again and would absolutely pick Madison Beach Hotel! Every member of the wedding team as well as the whole hotel staff made our whole even special not only for us but for our family and all of our guests.


Madison Beach Hotel is and will always be a place of peace and awesomeness for us. Lisa and the team were the selling point for us hands down.


The following wedding service providers made our day come to life: