De-stressing in the Midst of Wedding Planning

Let’s face it, a lot goes into planning a wedding and it can take a toll on even the most put-together bride-to-be. There’s no shame in taking a moment to ground yourself and relax in the midst of all the noise. Follow these practices to keep yourself sane and get the reboot you need to enjoy the process. 


  1. Take a spa day

The Madison Beach Hotel Sounds of the Sea Spa is the perfect escape for some much needed self-care. Booking an appointment in your schedule will force you to take a break from your daily routine and focus on yourself. A spa day is also an opportunity to treat your bridesmaids or bond with your soon to be family! Find your perfect combo of massage, facial, or body scrub to rejuvenate. 


  1. Explore meditation

Meditation has countless benefits from lowering stress, heart rate and blood pressure to improving sleep and even boosting creativity. You can dip your toe in by following this quick guide for beginners. It may feel more approachable for you to try it with your partner in a meditation geared towards couples. Not only is it a great way to build a deeper connection with one another but learn how to destress as a team. 


  1. Utilize Checklists

Checklists will make the seemingly endless tasks ahead of you feel more doable and make it easier for you to split up your time in a productive way. Anything you don’t finish when you planned, can move to another day on your calendar to visualize how everything will be spaced out and stay realistic about what you can accomplish on your own. By the same token, having clear lists will help you outsource tasks to others and keep each other in the loop. 



  1. Take advantage of our Wedding Specialist

When you book your wedding at Madison Beach Hotel, you’ll be connected to our Wedding and Event Specialist who will walk you through the planning process step by step. This service takes one more thing off your plate by providing you with a built-in wedding expert that is familiar with the venue, the menus and entertainment options. 


We recognize the amount of work it takes to make a wedding come together the way you imagined it. It’s important to us that you enjoy the process.

For more guidance on planning or taking a break from planning – we have all the resources you need to feel at peace with your wedding journey up to your walk down the aisle.