Seven Required Wedding Beverages

We know what you’re thinking. SEVEN beverages? To which we say – YES! Drinks set the mood for the occasion and your wedding is anything but one-note. If you’re still not convinced, consider adding at least one of these staples to your current lineup.


  1. Welcome Beverage

Can you think of anything better than arriving and being offered a beautiful drink upon arrival to the ceremony? Particularly for summer, guests will be thrilled to be handed something refreshing to sip. Guests who arrive early will have no problem mingling at a pre-ceremony beverage station. 


  1. Cocktail Hour

Madison Beach Hotel is happy to escort guests to the next phase of your wedding, greeting them with champagne and wine upon arrival. This limits lines at the bar and gives your loved ones a little special attention. 


  1. Champagne Toasts

Champagne is tied to celebration for a reason. A reliable crowd pleaser, it makes every occasion more festive and will be a welcome addition to speeches and toasts. If your guests have to overcome their fear of public speaking – they might as well do so while sipping a fresh glass of champagne. 


  1. Signature Cocktail

This is your opportunity to personify you and your partner in a drink! Our wedding packages include this fun addition to personalize your special day. You may draw inspiration from a beloved pet, vacation destination, or you and your partner’s song. Work with our bartenders to craft your favorite wine, liquor, or brew into your own unique beverage!


  1. Dinner with Wine

Wine lovers know the perfect pairing can bring a dish to the next level. Add a touch of elegance to your dinner with your chosen wine through our Madison Ave or West Wharf packages. 


  1. Free-Spirited Cocktail

Zero Proof Cocktails are always a great option for guests who prefer not to drink or want a break in the night while still sipping on something innovated and trendy. Offer all the benefits of a cocktail without the buzz.


  1. After-dinner Drink

After several courses of food, you and your guests will want a pick-me-up before hitting the dance floor. An after-dinner coffee or tea allows everyone a breather and gives them a boost so to keep them grooving all night long. Consider including cordials in your coffee station.


Thirsty yet? Your beverage options span as wide as you can imagine. Guests will appreciate the variety and personalized touches that celebrate your partnership. Get your creative juices flowing with our experienced team and explore all of the possibilities for your day.