Your Easiest Route From Wedding Dinner to the Dance Floor

Food is a staple at any wedding and is not to be taken for granted, but it doesn’t need to take up the whole night. There are ways to thoroughly enjoy your meal without sacrificing time celebrating on the dance floor. And yes – you can still fit in 4 courses! These would typically include an appetizer, salad and entree finished off with cake and coffee or tea. Here is how to savor each of them with more time to bust a move (or twerk – we don’t judge!)


  1. Rethink the timing of your appetizer

Appetizers can be served as early as cocktail hour. Guests will be happy to have something of substance to savor sooner rather than later. As an alternative, serve appetizers for a late-night treat as everyone’s appetite starts kicking in again around 10:30 p.m. An end of the night penne pasta with fresh pesto will satisfy those cravings in no time.


  1. Have your salad waiting for guests

Placing pre-set salad at each seat prior to your guests’ arrival in the reception room is a delightful greeting and adds a pop of color to your table. Most importantly, it cuts down on service time and gets your guests fed. In addition, you can offer chilled appetizers to fill out the table and have people walk into a bountiful looking display that utilizes fruit and cheese as a centerpiece. 


  1. Station your cake and caffeine 

Cake and coffee (or tea) stations allow guests to enjoy dessert at their leisure or skip it all together. In addition, it gives you the freedom to play with multiple dessert options and flavors. Why limit yourself to one when you can give yourself and guests multiple options? Another fun addition to your station is liquor to jazz up the coffee options and allow your friends and family to make their own creations. You might be surprised by what they come up with.


Finding your ideal meal for your wedding should be less of a chore and more of a game plan to have the best time. Madison Beach Hotel Wedding Specialists are well versed in satisfying all of your food and entertainment wishes.


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