Make Your Wedding One To Remember With Five Unique Twists

  1. Live Painting

Looking for something sentimental to make your new life with your partner feel like home? Consider having an artist create a live painting of you and your spouse to capture a special moment from your wedding day. An added bonus is having input on the style of the piece to put your own twist on a treasured memory.



  1. Velvet and Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you know it can mean spending money on a dress that you didn’t particularly want to wear in the first place and may never wear again. Instead, collaborate with your bridesmaids to incorporate different textures and patterns that reflect their unique tastes and personalities. Not only will you have a fun addition to your wedding pictures, but you’ll also give your bridesmaids a say in how they show up to celebrate you.


  1. Swap floral arrangements with sea glass 

Although beautiful, flowers can get particularly pricy and have come to be an obligatory part of wedding planning. If you want to add a unique flare to your decor, think about swapping floral arrangements with sea glass collages to complement the striking blues and greens found in our coastal view.


  1. Keep the party going all weekend long

Why limit your celebration to one day? Offer guests a fully immersive experience by adding a welcome party and breakfast the next morning to your celebration weekend. These added events will provide the perfect opportunity to give loved ones a fun weekend away while welcoming the newly married couple into the family.



  1. Go big and bold with the color

A colorful wedding can express your joy, love, and excitement with your own personal touch. Our ballroom is customizable and caters to a wide array of design options. We welcome your creative eye!


This is your chance to let your creative juices flow and make your wedding a one-of-a kind experience!

Madison Beach Hotel is an ideal canvas with a wide array of options for a beachfront ceremony, scenic ballroom soiree, or stylish lawn gathering. Create your own magic in our charming coastal nook on Long Island Sound.

Find your inspiration with the happy couples we’ve welcomed to our slice of paradise.