Something Old, Something New, Something Trendy – What’s Right for You?

11 ways to stay classic and traditional or embrace your personality and meet your wedding vision head on.

You’re getting married and faced with the time old decision – what will be your something old and something new? While some traditions may feel like a pivotal part of your wedding day, others may need an update to fit your unique vision. Here’s some guidance to plan out your perfect balance of Old and New.


  1. To Look or Not to Look.

SOMETHING OLD: Not seeing your partner on your wedding day prior to walking down the aisle and saying “I do!”

SOMETHING NEW: Be the first to see your partner in a private moment before the ceremony.



  1. Classic White Dress or Something Bold.

SOMETHING OLD: Stay traditional with the tried and true of the quintessential white dress.

SOMETHING NEW: Show off your personal style with any color of your choosing – the rainbow is your oyster!



  1. Ride Straight into The Sunset for Your Honeymoon, or Honeymoon at a Later Date.

SOMETHING OLD: Depart from your reception and escape on your honeymoon for your first vacation as a married couple. 

SOMETHING NEW: Allow the dust to settle and wait to treat yourself on your 3-month anniversary. This option is perfect for couples with summer weddings, allowing you to find your tropical destination in the midst of the cold winter months.



  1. Save the Top Tier for your 1-year Anniversary or Celebrate Earlier and Eat your Cake whenever you choose.

SOMETHING OLD: Commemorate the first year of marriage by waiting to eat the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary.

SOMETHING NEW: Dig in and enjoy your cake whenever you choose and celebrate, again!



  1. Color Coordinate your Wedding Party or Go Eclectic.

SOMETHING OLD: Everyone in the wedding party wears a uniform color to keep the focus on the wedding couple.

SOMETHING NEW: Allow the personalities of your wedding party to shine through, by embracing different color shades, textures, fabrics and patterns! Your loved ones will thank you when they have an outfit they are excited to wear again.


  1. Wedding Ceremony Seating: Seat Parents of the wedding couple on the same side as their children or make a swap.

SOMETHING OLD: The wedding couple’s parents typically sit on the same side where their children stand during the ceremony, showing familial support for their children on their big day.

SOMETHING NEW: Seat the parents on the opposite side, so they can see and witness their child’s reaction and emotion as they get married and share their vows.



  1. Involve children in the ceremony as the ring bearer and flower girl or recruit a friend (possibly with fur).

SOMETHING OLD: Find the cutest kids in your family and send them down the aisle for an adorable moment.

SOMETHING NEW: Ask a friend to walk down the aisle ahead of you for a laugh to lighten the mood. Even better – send down your furry pooch.



  1. Serve a beautiful cake or think outside the box.

SOMETHING OLD: Embrace a beautiful, classic, tiered wedding cake to commemorate your special day. 

SOMETHING NEW: Add a personal touch and celebrate with your favorite dessert – the options are endless – including a donut wall, cupcake tower, cannoli, ice cream treats, or even tiramisu. 



  1. Celebrate your partnership with a first dance or end the night with a last one.

SOMETHING OLD: Present yourself as a married couple for the first time by being the first couple to step on the dance floor.

SOMETHING NEW: End the night with a private dance, enjoying the last night of the evening with just you and your new life partner.



  1. Redefine Something Borrowed.

SOMETHING OLD: Incorporate sentimental family heirlooms, tuxedos, and or jewelry into your day.

SOMETHING NEW: Borrow a favorite item from a loved one to include – maybe a favorite scent/perfume, bible, handkerchief or necklace.  



  1. Embrace your Something Blue.

The color blue represents love, fidelity and trust.

SOMETHING OLD: Traditionally, the “something blue” was a garter.

SOMETHING NEW: Incorporate blue into any part of your wedding – ideas include your floral design or décor, shoes, earrings or other jewelry, party favor ribbon, ring box, sewn into your dress, or even the mother-of-the bride dress.


Your wedding day is your opportunity to create memories that you will cherish forever. There are countless ways to honor your love, family, friends, and your future.

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