Five Tips for Running a Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

  1. Round up the troops!

You know the drill – practice makes perfect. Your Ceremony Rehearsal is a chance to look for everything that may go wrong and nip it in the bud before the big day. Try to get everyone who is in the ceremony there to get your party on the same page.


  1. Save the partying for later.

There will be plenty of time for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves. Make sure your rehearsal is taken seriously and your party knows where and when they are walking. Don’t waste this opportunity to make your special day less confusing and stressful for everyone involved!



  1. Test Run Your Bridal Shoes.

New shoes can be a dangerous game. You never know how they will hold up until you’ve worn them in all their glory. Our advice – wear the shoes you plan to wear the day of your wedding. You may end up rethinking your choice, but better to know now than when you’re walking down the aisle!



  1. Only include guests you need.

Although it may be tempting to have a pre-wedding with all your favorite people, try not to overcomplicate things. Keep your attendees to people who are walking down the aisle. Adding anyone extra only makes it harder to stay on task and extends the rehearsal longer than needed. 



  1. Treat your wedding party afterwards.

Plan to feed your wedding party after the rehearsal as a little reward for prepping with you. By the time you’ve walked through all of the motions, they will likely be a little antsy and ready to relax. Having food planned in advance will take away the pressure of figuring out what to do with everyone once they’ve fulfilled their rehearsal duties. Madison Beach Hotel offers a variety of elegant dining options for you to choose from, in addition to the charming Downtown Madison. 


By the time you’ve figured out your rehearsal ceremony, it’s time for you to sit back and take time to savor these final moments before your wedding day. 

You may opt to explore Downtown Madison with guests, sneak away to the private beach, or fit in some “me time” at our Sounds of the Sea Spa. Whatever the night brings, we are here to make your experience everything you dreamed of.